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    While checking out various American Muslim news sites, I've come across some really disturbing trends...

    To check some backround, I've taken several organizations that have been the loudest in calling for calm in all of this and have been over-hyping the "anti-Islamic"/hate crime scenario in the United States.. Those who are screaming the loudest that "Islam stands for Peace" are the first I start checking up on.

    Some pan out and appear to be indeed quite peaceful groups who are, to this day, as outraged over the attacks as the rest of us. Others though, are slowly slipping back into their anti-US rhetoric that they were full of prior to 9/11/01.

    Here is a VERY tempered and well written example of what I am talking about:

    What I've found, so far, isn't the hardcore drum beating that was fairly wide spread prior to 9/11 but rather measured calls to arms and organizations against the "Western world"... Oddly enough it is the "Western world" that hosts many of the people writing these articles..

    More later.
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    While many Islamic groups are calling the US Govt's campaign against domestic based Islamic terrorist groups a form of McCarthyism, some folks need to take a look at what some of these people may be trying to hide...

    -What is going on at the University of South Florida and San Diego State University?

    First USF... I'm sure you've heard, or maybe you haven't, of Sami Al-Arian by now. An Engineering professor who recently went on the Fox Channel's O'Rielly factor for reasons known only to him and drew interest that I am sure he would never want on himself. He recently was placed on a year's leave by the University.. Before anyone goes shedding any tears for him, this guy has been leading anti-Semtic/pro-terrorist groups at the school and community for years now.. I'd have to believe that FBI knows what kind of toilet paper and toothpaste this guy uses by now..

    One interesting link he has is to FORMER U of South Florida professor, Ramadan Abdullah Shallah... This guy quit his day job at USF to become the head of the Islamic Jihad. For those of you who didn't know, I am not friggin kidding.. This isn't someone returning home to do what he can to help a certain cause. This guy became the leader of one of the most brutal and homocidal organizations on the planet Earth!!!!!!

    So my question is "What's up with USF?" I'm not going to dive into the debates and protests that resulted from the articles in debates in the area back in either 95 or 96. All I want to know is.... I wonder how many of those Washington based liberals who backed these guys 7 years ago were re-thinking their position on the 12th of Sept.

    AS for San Diego State... I haven't read or even heard about any faculty in particular but there have been SDSU students taken into custody. According to some I know that are faculty there, other students and student groups are being watched VERY closely at this moment.. Also that two student groups on campus have virtually barred the doors and shut down their activities recently. They had held pro-Islamic rallies after the attacks amazingly, but since the arrests they haven't so much as squeeked...

    So...what gives SDSU?? What the heck is going on there?

    More later
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    Checked it out and read some of the archieves. These people are against our very way of life! I've got news for them I'll be dead rather then have my knees bend 5 times a day!

    Leaving for the game now, talk at you later.
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    Yeah, like you could get those old knees to bend even if you wanted to!

    Hope you have a good time (and a win) at the Shoe tonight.