The Nobel "Peace" Terrorist Prize

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    Here's a website with some nice sentiments regarding the attack on 9/11:

    I appreciate what many there are saying (even if they don't mean it)... My real question here is.... Do they give these Nobel prizes out with boxes of Cracker Jacks nowadays?? Is there anything LESS meaningful anymore??

    -Yasser Arafat: Are you kidding me? The HEAD of the freakin PLO!!?? The same guy who woes Western support in English and then turns around and in Arabic speaks out in favor of violence and destruction?

    -David Trimble: Another head shaker.. For those that don't know, this guy is perhaps the most notable member of the Orange Order. That is akin to giving this prize to a Klan member for their "race relations."

    Both of these guys have LARGE state sponsored terrorists organizations operating underneath their "watch."... To read this cr@p just shows me how backwards this planet is...
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    You have to remember that the nation of Israel has had leaders who were previously terrorists while England controlled Palestine. Menachim Beigin, not sure of the spelling, is such an example. These Zionist terrorists killed British soldiers with their terroristic attacks.

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    Point well taken.. I can understand such an award being given to an individual of such ilk that works towards peace or undergoes some sort of change towards the common good.

    The two that I listed are being granted these awards while still continuing such activity...

    To me, it just doesn't make much sense to hand out this type of award in the name of "peace" when their practices in real time are towards anything but...

    I don't care which side of the "coin" these people are on, it just strikes me as hypocrisy to the umpteenth degree..

    Heck Arafat went from donating blood for the WTC victims and then turned around with his same old rhetoric to the people of the PA..