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Discussion in 'Sports Board' started by Guest, Oct 2, 2001.

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    It appears that Sen Thurmond (who is 98) just passed out on the floor of the Senate today.... Let's hope he's OK. For years now folks have joked about him dying on the floor of the Senate, I don't think anyone ever really wanted to see that..

    I wonder, if he recovers, if he will be able to continue to serve..

    On other notes:

    Did anyone notice that our good buddy Gary Condit sits on the panel for Homeland Security?? Who's idea was this and can we ask them why?

    I don't care how qualified he is, he isn't going to be re-elected. I want some people sitting on a potentially high security panel that will be there for a while and not looking to make a living in the private sector.
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    I read something about Strom recently that said he can't hear and his aides pretty much run the show for him. He should have retired a long time ago. But I hope he's ok!

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    I will resisit a comparison to Paterno that
    popped into my head.
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    Tod..ROTFL..your razor wit arrived from P* intact.
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    No really Tod, fire away [​IMG] I keep lobbing up the softballs and you keep knockin em out of the park