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Propoganda War

Discussion in 'Sports Board' started by Guest, Sep 17, 2001.

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    Winning a war of propoganda with the likes of these but it can be done... The Palestinian Authority now refuses to even apologize for shutting down and THREATENING the international press with their very lives in the wake of the WTC bombings. For those that missed the articles, remember those Palestinians celebrating in the street?? Didn't it seem odd how that footage just stopped coming in?? That's because the PA govt threatened the media by saying they could no longer assure their safety if they continued to shoot footage of "illegal demonstrations." (if THAT in and of itself is not PROOF of state sponsored and sanctioned terrorism, I don't know what is)...

    It appears that some guys had their cameras seized as well... Now those guys are downplaying what happened while claiming to be unapologetic for doing what they did..

    We need to find ways to get "the truth" to the people in that region...

    The people there need to read the news stories in the middle east about one alleged terrorist who's family doesnt think it possible because he was so UNspiritual. He drank, had a girlfriend...

    How about the terrorists that were hanging out at the Pink Pony in Daytona Beach, FL? For that matter how about those that were hanging out at the topless bars?

    It fries these people knowing that such places exist in America, it will hurt them badly to know that their "spiritual heros" were frequenting them..

    If there is any message we should be sending to the Middle East right now, it isn't "we're gunna get you"... That just makes them want to fight..

    We should be telling them that their "heros" weren't heros but in fact they were they were nothing more than the murderous infidels that they claimed to be fighting...

    I still have not seen one news source ANYWHERE in the ME run a story on the "partying" that these guys were doing..
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    Mar 11, 1999
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    From what I've read, these killers have been promised heaven, women and happiness in the afterlife after they've complete their mission. Maybe they wanted to make sure that they got something before they went about their vile assignments.
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    It's all about controlling information in this day and age. That's why the Chinese and the N. Koreans restrict internet access, they don't want a free flow of information.

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    While that is true, they are supposed to be wholesome religious figures while here in this plain..

    They are supposed to be training themselves both physically and spiritually. The Act in and of itself is not enough to grant them paradise, they must be ready to go..

    Some of the fanatics like bin Laden actually break from true spiritual teachings in saying that the act itself is enough to grant passage.. He will have a hard time earning recruits that way.. They have to make a reach into the mainstream Muslim community.. Showing these guys for what they really are would put a huge dent in their image among the masses..


    You are dead on, it's all about controlling the info...

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