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PGA Tour starting up again.

Discussion in 'Sports Board' started by Terry O'Keefe, May 13, 2020.

  1. Terry O'Keefe

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    No fans of course for the 1st 4 events. Not sure what could happen in June that would allow them to bring back fans, other than maybe a limited number who would be on their honor to social distance. Which hasn't worked well on beaches.

    They have a plan for testing and players are going to have to get their own clubs out of the bag and put them back..that'll be something new for the veteran players. If any sport is going to make it I would think Golf would be one with the best chance.

    They said that a positive test won't necessarily cancel the tournament. That they will be doing tracing when their is a positive test.

    PGA Tour eyes limit of 1 COVID-19 test per event