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    Husker will love this article but does it puzzle you as much as I why the IRISH don't get any kids from Texas anymore? To many quality ones play here for them to not get a couple a year.

    •Some Texas blue chips go Big Red

    Nebraska's refocused recruiting efforts yield at least seven from state

    09:23 PM CST on Tuesday, November 28, 2006
    By TIM MacMAHON / The Dallas Morning News

    Nebraska is the new nemesis for Big 12 South schools on the Texas recruiting trails.

    The Cornhuskers' coaching staff came to a simple conclusion after evaluating its recruiting last spring: Texas needed to be one of Nebraska's primary targets.

    "We were missing the boat," Nebraska recruiting coordinator Shawn Watson said. "Arguably the best high school football in the world is played in Texas, and it's Big 12 country. You've got to be great in Texas."

    Nebraska, which signed five Texas recruits in coach Bill Callahan's first three classes, is all over's list of the top 100 recruits in the state this year. The Cornhuskers have non-binding oral commitments from four players on the list, as well as three other Texas high school seniors. Of the 30 state top 100 recruits who haven't committed to a school, 24 are considering Nebraska. national recruiting editor Jeremy Crabtree said it's conceivable that Nebraska will have the best Texas haul this recruiting season of any out-of-state program.

    "It took them a little while to get back in there and establish those ties with the high school coaches," Crabtree said. "Now that they have, it's really amazing to see what they're doing in the state."

    Nebraska got away from recruiting Texas under previous coach Frank Solich, but the Cornhuskers have a history of success with Lone Star State prospects. Ten players from Texas have been named All-Americans for the Cornhuskers. The only state to produce more All-Americans for Nebraska is Nebraska.

    The Cornhuskers re-established inroads in Texas by dedicating a big chunk of their recruiting resources to the state.

    Nebraska doubled the number of assistants responsible for recruiting Texas since last season. Former Oklahoma head coach John Blake, the Cornhuskers' defensive line coach, is one of six assistants assigned to Texas turf. That doesn't include associate athletic director for football Tim Cassidy, who spent 19 years as Texas A&M's recruiting coordinator.

    "They're aggressive," Cedar Hill coach Joey McGuire said. "Anytime they're allowed to come in, they're on this campus."

    Cedar Hill defensive back Anthony Blue orally committed to the Cornhuskers after an unofficial visit during the summer. Cedar Hill athlete William Cole, No. 47 on's state top 100 list, is considering Nebraska.

    Saturday's Dr Pepper Big 12 championship game against Oklahoma is another opportunity for Nebraska to showcase itself to Texas recruits.

    Nebraska's regular television appearances help attract recruits. Because the Cornhuskers are a Big 12 power, they can be seen on TV in Texas most weekends during football season.

    "That's big," said North Garland linebacker Jermaine Love, who is considering Nebraska, Arkansas, A&M and Texas Tech. "That makes up for how far away it is. My grandma can watch me on TV."

    Nebraska coach Bill Callahan has his eyes on Texas to improve his team. Love and Blue cited the academic success of Nebraska football players as one of the primary reasons they considered the Cornhuskers. Nebraska's 88 percent graduation rate was the best among Big 12 football programs, according to figures released by the NCAA in September.

    And a recruiting trip to Nebraska is an awe-inducing experience.

    Recruits are shown the five national championship trophies and three Heisman Trophies won by the Cornhuskers. They tour the recently finished, $50 million Osborne Athletic Complex, which includes a new locker room, weight room, coaches' offices and a training and medical center. A skybridge connects the athletic complex to an indoor facility that features a field identical to the one in Memorial Stadium.

    Memorial Stadium is sold out for every game, and the fans' passion and knowledge makes an impression on recruits. Fans routinely recognize recruits and ask them for autographs during games.

    "That was real sweet," said Love, one of four Texas top 100 players who attended the Cornhuskers' Oct. 21 loss to UT. "You definitely want to play for people that love you."

    A look at the seven Texas high school seniors who have orally committed to Nebraska, with their rank on the state top 100 list:
    Rank Player School Pos.
    41 Marcus Mendoza Hou. Spring Woods RB
    46 Travis Lewis San Antonio Lee LB
    71 Patrick Witt Wylie QB
    89 Shawn Sullivan Brenham CB
    NR Anthony Blue Cedar Hill DB
    NR Quentin Castille LaPorte FB
    NR Adi Kunalic North Crowley K

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    Thanks for the Info Larry!!!

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    A lot of good players in Texas and Mack can only take at the most 25, so that leaves a lot of good players to be divied up amongst the rest of the football world.

    Charlie hasn't hit Texas as hard as Lou and Davie did, but he did get Chris Stewart (OL) and I expect he'll get a player or two pretty much every year from Texas. Charlie seems more focused on Illinois than Lou ever was and is trying to get a toe hold in Ohio. He works Fla, NJ, and Calif as well.