Game of the Century, Will JO'Co be There?

Discussion in 'Sports Board' started by Guest, Oct 4, 2001.

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    Long Beach Poly vs Concord De La Salle

    116 game winning streak for De La Salle, 4 Nat'l titles. Currently ranked #1 in one poll and #2 in the other....Poly is the reverse.

    It's just a hop down the freeway for El JO'Co..will he be there to give us a report on this Mega Confrontation???? The Irish have a interest in this game as we have a verbal from AA Lineman Derek Landri of De La Salle.

    It is being reported that 7000 Concord fans from Northern Calif will be making the trip to So.Cal for this game...that's pretty darn awesome for a school of something like 500 hundred students I think.

    Hope you go JO'Co....though it is going to be on Fox on DirectTV channel 653 I'm told. 10:30ET

    Link to article

    Poly vs De La Salle
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    I don't know if JOCO will be there as the game is on TV in SoCal and the "Vet" in Long Beach is in a neighborhood that makes South Central Los Angeles look like Club Med..

    Long Beach Poly is truly something special, always has been. As awesome and athetically gifted as they are in football, you should see basketball at "The Beach"..

    The Beach gets beat every now and then but I've never ever heard of a team having more God given talent then Poly...

    That was an impressive article... It did fail to mention that the massive school Poly isn't the only school of that size in the city... Long Beach also has Millikan (SoCal's dominant baseball power traditionally), Jordan and Wilson... All are about the same size or just a tad smaller then Poly..