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Hey Terry

Discussion in 'Sports Board' started by Guest, Sep 14, 2001.

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    Jeeez, Carson keeps getting up ergo...Corey doesn't sleep..

    Anywho... I just read this report on Moataz Al-Hallak. It appears that not only has this guy been "linked" to two prior bin Ladin attacks on the US, including the WTC bombings, but this guy may have a link to this.. He's never been charged with any wrong doing.

    I called your attention to this because this guy is in Texas.. I believe it is Arlington but I was still wondering if your local news carried anything about this guy.

    It turns out that he was in the "Northeastern" United States according to the newspapers but he left for Texas the day before the attacks...
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    I hadn't hear that, but given our Oil dominated culture here in Texas I'm not surprised that one or more of these birds would have spent some time here.

    BTW: I don't know how many of you have heard the interview of the CEO of Cantor, Fitzgerald a company who lost 700 people in this carnage. But it moved me to tears, I just heard it this morning, I'm still kind of hurting from his words. The only reason he wasn't one of them is that he took his son to school and was late getting to the office. He lost his brother. He is so devistated and I can't tell you how listening to him made feel.

    We've got to get these bastards......

    Semper Fi AJ.......make sure these guys pay!

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    Thanks for the update..

    I haven't heard the interview yet.. I did hear the sister on Fox who had lost a brother and had the tape recorded message that he left her before he died.. They played that all night and into the morning.. Very sad..

    I also watched and read the story about the Irishman who thought he had lost a friend in the WTC attack. He then found out that the man was OK but that the man's sister and little girl were on one of the planes that slammed into the building.. (talk about an odd twist of fate)... Just horrible..

    I want all of these guys and I want all of them dead..
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    Last I heard, the Feds were looking for the guy I mentioned earlier... He may be with "8 or 9" Arabic men and they believe that they are now in Mexico..

    It's just too convenient that this guy was shoulder to shoulder with those who bombed the WTC, and then left just before the attack. He was in Africa for a time before the bombings of our embassies and once again left for the US just before the attacks.. Now we know this guy was hanging out with the hijackers in the "Northeastern" US and left the area the day before these attacks..

    What are the odds that this guy would be all of these places and NOT know something more than we've believed all along........?

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