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Here is some interesting news:

Discussion in 'Sports Board' started by Guest, Sep 17, 2001.

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    OK before Tod labels me the super geek, let's just say that I have the sad ability to grab info from all over the place [​IMG]

    With that said.. Here is a very interesting news story from Norway... Since obviously no one here is gunna be able to read this (I think?) I will post the rough translation of the original poster of the message..

    It appears that when this guy threatened this originally, no one took his claims of "We have our methods" seriously... Gotta love the Euros though, this guy is free now.

    Article from sunday's edition of Norwegian daily VG (in Norwegian): http://www.vg.no/pub/vgart.hbs?artid=8419173

    My translation:

    Hijacker claims he was to crash plane in Oslo

    The man who hijacked a Bulgarian plane in 1996 and forced it to land
    on Oslo Airport Gardermoen, claims he had orders to crash the plane in
    central Oslo.

    When asked in 1997 how it was possible to crash a plane without
    weapons, the hijacker answered:
    - We have our methods.

    A suicide crash could have had dramatic consequences for people in the
    capital. According to the hijacker the action was meant as a protest
    to the flourishing middle east peace process.

    Didn't crash

    But Hazem Abdallah never crashed the plane. Instead it landed safely
    on Oslo airport Gardermoen, and the crew got from the drama physically

    The hijacker, who took control over the plane in Bairut, had emptied
    it while refuelling in Bulgaria.

    In an interview with VG in december 1997 he said:

    - I was forced to hijack the plane to crash it into Oslo city, but
    couldn't go though with it. I am no terrorist.

    He has served his time for the hijacking, and was extradited from
    Norway to lebanon just before christmas 1999.

    To VG he claims the contractor was Die Volksfront Gerilja - the german
    name from the palestinean group PFLP.

    The action he was set to do, had been given the name navnet Ā«The
    Lebanon Mission of Black SeptemberĀ», he claimed.

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    Part of why I posted this is to show that there is a lot more to this, then appears on the surface..

    This isn't just a bin Laden-Afghanistan-Iraq deal....

    In fact, the more I read into the actions of various agencies in the last two years I am almost sure that a ground campaign on a large scale in Afghanistan is not the answer here. Now I do believe that forces should be sent in to destroy bin Laden and his forces. He's a major player and if you don't whack him early he will bother you until he's dealt with..

    IMHO, every possible chance must be extended to the Taliban to save their own butts and turn over bin Laden and any intelligence info they have regarding terrorists using their lands..

    IMHO, the way this needs to go is via a series of hunt and destroy missions that will take YEARS to complete. In that time, more terrorists will be trained and sent out to do their horrible "duty"...

    The quicker we eliminate the major players in terrorism, the less effective some of these terrorist groups will become due to various reasons (lack of funding, training, and yes even commitment)..

    Almost all of this will or should take place in one small skirmish after another until they are hunted out..

    HOWEVER, some larger scale battles/wars may well need to be fought... The current power structures in many of the Middle Eastern powers need to go... The more I've read into this, the less I buy into the "embraces" of other countries that have harbored such terrorists in the past and continue to do so today...

    Just because someone else chose to "cross the line" doesn't mean that they won't follow suit down the road...and don't think for a second that they will see the slaughter of other terrorist groups and get intimidated. They will simply await their best opportunity.

    Let's not forget about our "friends" in Pakistan.. I can assure you that they are only helping us because there is a buck in it for them.. Pakistan harbors as much, if not MORE, ACTIVE terrorist groups as Afghanistan.

    The Taliban in Afghanistan were originally a group of students (that is what Taliban roughly translates into) of Afghanis studying in Pakistan... When Afghanistan was left HIGH AND DRY by the United States and others following the pullout of the USSR, the place was being terrorized by warlords.. Shocked by what was happening in their homeland, the "Taliban" returned home to rid their homeland of the scourge...

    In short, the Taliban is long on heart and short on political insight. They are so fanatical in their religious views that they cornered themselves in politically and effectively began starving their own country out..

    The Taliban is in a rough spot here... If they turn over bin Laden, they are handing themselves are sure death sentence.. That is a fact.

    If they keep bin Laden, (in their eyes)they live to fight another day and they hope that what the more militant fanatics have told them turns out to be true..

    I don't mean to be preaching sympathy for any of these folks but IMHO you must understand the enemies before you can defeat them...
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    I thought this post was not only a riot... but right one 100% to the point.. Even the Islamic terrorist sympathizers on the net had no answer for this one:

    The next time someone tells you about the poor Palestinians, feel free to just print this out and hand it to them...


    In light of the terrorism that struck the US , I would
    like to recommend that the US follow the method of
    dealing with terrorism that the State Dept, and the British
    government has been recommending to the state of Israel.

    1.) Give the entire US west of the Mississippi to Osama
    Bin Ladin.

    2.) Invite him to negotiate a peace agreement after the
    transfer of land has been completed. If he shows up for
    negotiations, the US will give him more land.

    3.) Offer Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iran each
    a state east of the Mississippi if they offer to join
    the negotiations.

    4.) No retaliation against the perpetrators because that
    will increase the "cycle of violence". Show "restraint".

    5.) Offer Osama bin Ladin extra guns so he can police his
    new territory and prevent terrorism in it.

    6.) Call the victims "sacrifices for peace" and don't talk
    about revenge.

    7.) No closure of US borders or airports because that has a
    negative and unfair impact on people coming into the US.
    Rather, let more foreigners, particularly from Moslem
    countries, enter the US as a confidence-building measure.
    Otherwise, the U.N. will call you a racist, apartheid

    8.) Condemn the US for oppressing foreign countries at the
    same time that any denunciations of terrorism are made.
    After all, both sides are morally equivalent.

    9.) Allocate US tax dollars for bin Ladin to build up his
    infrastructure. In addition, take the taxes from money
    that Moslems earn in the US and deliver that money to bin

    10.) Bring UN observers to the US to monitor excesses of
    violence on the part of the US government and to allow
    US citizens to be taken hostage from UN-controlled areas.

    Would anyone like to add more suggestions for a US response?

    Wake up America, you are dealing with the same barbarians israel
    deals with.

    All of you so called "journalists" who have glorified the
    Muslim suicide bombers in Israel for the past 12 months of
    terror should be ashamed. You are all responsible for
    bringing terrorism to the USA.

    Shame on you !!!! Shame on you!!!!