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  1. Motorcity Gator
    Motorcity Gator Gator Bill
    Wondering why you cannot stand anything truthful posted about Trump on Skybox. I posted what is the biggest known refute to his rigged election lies with regard to his team having no evidence in any courtroom and you must have removed it. You have rendered this forum useless and full of fantasy and lies with no recourse for any posting of anything truthful.
    1. Gator Bill
      Gator Bill
      I didn't remove anything. Ray was doing some maintenance and moving to new servers and some posts were lost. But this post from you points out why you don't have more respect on the forum. Constant complaints and hate from you. You might try something different and be decent to other posters. Bottom line is that I didn't remove your post.
      Feb 6, 2021
  2. Motorcity Gator
    Motorcity Gator RECcane
    Hi Ralph.... I sent you a message in the conversation portal here on Skybox.
    Let me know if you got it.
  3. jif5
    why did THE BOX change format a few years ago..sooo user unfriendly and uninteresting now! readership has taken a huge hit from what I see.
    1. jif5
      huskerbaby..what a shame...why did they ever change the format??? I look in once a day and cant leave fast enough!
      Aug 30, 2020
  4. JulianTerry
    Study MBBSin Nepal
  5. kp
    AJ can you resend the info about the Masters refund I didn't get it. accskp@hotmail.com is the email address
      Lol...hope you get there...that's one of my bucket list places...
      Mar 14, 2020
      You still going?
      Nov 4, 2020
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